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We offer short-term and long-term motorcycle rental to our clients in Marbella and Sotogrande.

We provide a very thorough service; We can also deliver the scooter or bike to wherever you prefer and collect it from you at the end of the rental.

About Sotogrande

The first thing to say about Sotogrande, and the most important, is that it's not a city, but a neighbourhood within the city of San Roque, in Cádiz. But despite that, Sotogrande doesn't go unnoticed, and has become the favourite destination for thousands of VIPs, ousting San Roque as the most famous spot in the area.

From its very creation Sotogrande is an exclusive place. It was established in 1964 by the millionaire Joseph McMicking (an experienced developer) and his nephews, Jaime and Enrique Zóbel, in a state in Cádiz, "Paniagua State". His aim was to create a resort that would offer a quiet place for upper-class people. Very soon other developers would join the project: Jaime Ortiz Patiño (the driver of the Valderrama Golf Club), Phillip Oppenheimer (a diamond dealer), Helmut Maucher (a CEO known for making Nestlé the biggest company in the world) among others. They worked together for fulfiling Joseph's McMicking's vision and make Sotogrande what it is today: a synonym of exclusiveness.

Paradoxically, Sotogrande was founded with the idea of becoming a luxurious place where the upper classes could enjoy some rather ordinary pleasures; calmness and anonymity. This has been the reason that has made Sotogrande one of the most famous resort areas in Europe.

Apart from the relaxing atmosphere, Sotogrande has a lot of attractions:

The entertaiment and lifestyle on offer in Sotogrande is very different to what you can find in Marbella. Both places are packed with jetsetters, but while in Marbella the feeling is of party and ostentation, Sotogrande has an ambience of refuge, privacy and security. And it is precisely this combination which fills Sotogrande with people during the summer (Sotogrande has a floating population of almost 30,000 people during summer).

If you like to ride, you should know that Sotogrande is a very easy place to drive around and to find parking spaces, particularly by motorbike or scooter.

A motorcycle or scooter allows you to move very freely around Sotogrande, easily visit San Roque and nearby cities or escape to the surrounding countryside.

What to do in Sotogrande

We suggest several routes and activities for you to make the most of Sotogrande and your scooter. In these articles you will find plans in Sotogrande and its sorroundings, landscape and charming villages.

Benefits included with our rental service

Also included:

Delivery and collection service

We'll deliver your chosen scooter or bike directly to your home or hotel when it suits you. We only need you to give us those details in advance and we'll take care of everything. The cost of this service is 100 €.

Our bikes and prices

Category 1

Peugeot Tweet 49cc

  • from €20/day
  • €550/month

Category 2

Peugeot Tweet 125cc

  • from €30/day
  • €650/month

Category 3

SYM Joyride 125cc

  • from €35/day
  • €750/month

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